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Related post: Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 15:29:44 -0600 From: H. Rick Cantwell Subject: Rascal Part 10Rascal Part Ten Truth and The Consequences(M/M, Oral, Anal, Incest) This is a continuing story. Constructive criticism is welcome, at zestfulmyexcel.com. Mention the title in the model bikini 14yo Subject line or I might delete it by accident, thinking it's spam. Hearing from my readers helps keep alive the desire to continue this tale. --Dick Hickey. If you're not old enough to read stories involving graphic descriptions of sex between consenting males, or if such stories are illegal where you live, do not continue reading beyond this sentence.Rascal Part Ten Truth and The Consequences Lyle casually strode over to Ryan, leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. Then, extending his hand, he said, "I'm guessing you're Taylor." She hesitantly shook Lyle's hand, more from reaction than politeness. She blushed when, presumably, it occurred to her she had shaken Lyle's hand with the hand that had been on Ryan's peter. "I'll have to apologize for my son's forwardness," Lyle said. Then, turning to Tyler who stood up when his host entered the room, but who was also trying to hide his tenting Yu-Gi-Oh! briefs, he said, "And you must be Tyler." "Yes, sir," Tyler said shaking hands. "Don't let this little rascal intimidate you. He'll back down if you challenge him." "Yes, sir." Tyler said politely. Lyle walked over to shake hands with Jason. Then he said, "Sorry I'm so late. How does pizza sound?" "I hope you picked it up. We're starved!" Ryan said jerking his head toward Taylor and Tyler. "Now why would I even think otherwise?" Lyle asked. "Can we eat down here?" Ryan asked as he put his arms around his dad's waist to hug him. "Sure. But I want to change first." "I always help Daddy hang up his clothes," Ryan explained to his guests, "so I'll be right back." "I'll bring the pizza down," I offered. "Thanks." Lyle said. "C'mon son." Then before they went upstairs, Lyle turned back and asked Jason and me, "You guys want to change into something more comfortable? I've probably got something that'll fit." "We'll bring you down something to wear," Ryan said, pushing on his dad's butt to motivate him up the steps. The air of the family room was filled with the aroma of mozzarella cheese, oregano and pizza sauce, retrieved from the kitchen, by the time Lyle and Ryan returned. "Here ya go," Ryan said, tossing some fabric in our direction. As I expected, he chose two very revealing pairs of shorts for Jason and me to change into. Since Lyle was bare-chested and wearing silk boxer briefs, I figured we were expected to go topless, too. Dangling one pair from each forefinger, I asked Jason, "Which do you want?" Looking around, he asked, "Uh, is there somewhere I can change?" "Sure," I said quietly. "In front of the kids." I tossed both pairs of underwear on the card table. "What!" he shouted in a whisper. "Not directly in front of them but be casual about it. Get undressed nonchalantly. Don't rush. Let them know you're okay with nudity. It'll make them feel like THEY can be adult about being naked, too." Jason model power said, "When I agreed to this sleepover, I didn't realize I'd have to get undressed, too. Not in front of my kids." "You're the one who said you'd go skinny-dipping with them," I said, slipping out of my shoes and dropping trou. "Oh, yeah." As Jason slipped off his shoes, he said, "Could you kinda help block me a little?" "Casually turn around like you're talking to black ladies models me as I walk over here. Then your back will be to them." "Thanks." I walked to amateur female model the other side of the card table to pick up my shorts. Facing the kids, I dropped my boxers and stepped out of them. The kids were talking animatedly but Taylor looked in my direction. When she saw my dick hanging free, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Ryan looked over his shoulder korean model pics to see what she was staring at. "Must be cold down here. It's usually bigger than that." Then he turned back to his new friends and continued talking. It was Tyler's turn to drop jaw when he saw his dad drop his underpants, bend over and pull on the black see-through briefs. I got the impression Tyler was able to see Jason's swinging balls when he lifted his leg to step into the briefs. I pulled my fishnet boxers up--basically covering nothing, but rather calling attention to my near nakedness even more. By law, I was wearing clothes. By design, I might just as well have been naked. "Do we have to eat at the table?" Ryan asked in a tone that implied his father better give him the right answer. "I guess not, but sit down there on the tiled floor by the fireplace. That way, if you spill any, it won't get on the carpet." "Thanks, Daddy." Then Ryan kissed Lyle on the lips, child model tube lingering just a moment longer than most kids would. Grabbing one of the cleavage model pizza boxes, Ryan hauled ass to the other end of the room. Tyler and Taylor, I'm sure, admired Ryan's perky bubble butt alluringly encased in his white briefs as they followed him. I know I did! Ryan put the box down and ran back to whisper in his dad's ear. "Okay, but you know which ones." "Uh huh," Ryan said before he went to the refrigerator, grabbed three cans and went back to sit with his new friends. Ryan said to Taylor, "If you spill anything on your blouse, you have to take it off." "Then, if you spill anything on your underpants, you have to take THEM off," she retaliated. "That's fair," Ryan said. "That goes for you, too, Tyler." I liked the way Ryan always tried to keep Tyler in the loop. "No, I couldn't do that," Tyler said nervously. "Why not?" Ryan asked. "'Cuz," Tyler said bashfully. "If it's your size, don't worry about it. There's always somebody with a bigger one. You just hardly ever see a guy with a smaller one because he's usually too ashamed to let people see it. He shouldn't be. I mean, it's not like you can control how big it's gonna be. Your dick's not like your muscles where you can exercise 'em to make 'em bigger. They call it the love muscle but it's not really a muscle. It's erectile tissue. There's a difference. That would be like your sister worrying about how some other girl's tits are bigger than hers. Of course with tits, you can see them where guys can't see other guys' dicks." "I wish we could," Tyler said, "then guys would know there's lots of different sizes." Ryan popped the tops on the three cans he'd brought over. "Pizza tastes much better with beer," Ryan said as he handed one to Taylor. "We can't drink beer," Taylor said. "You allergic?" "No, we're too young." "My dad cleared it with your dad. It's okay. Besides," he said, handing one to Tyler, "It's fake beer. It tastes like the real thing but it's not." Both Tyler and Taylor looked at the can to see if Ryan was telling the truth. "I've gotta ... uh ..." "He's gotta pee," Taylor said. "There's one in the laundry room," Ryan said, pointing to a door nestled in the back wall nonnudeteen model toplists next to the staircase we'd used to come down. "Thanks." Tyler jumped up and ran to the bathroom. "He has a bladder the size of a pea," Taylor said. "Better than having a peter the size of a pea, I guess," Ryan said. "You just love to shock people, don't you?" Taylor said. "Not really, I just like to say what's on my mind. If I insult you, I don't mean to, so don't take it personally. I'm not used to being around girls that much. Sometimes I just blurt things out because I'm thinkin' it and people get offended. I'm not a sexist." "No, but you're sexy." Taylor said, blushing. "You think so? I mean, really? I'm kinda short." "Is your mom short?" "Not really." "Then you'll probably get taller in a year or two, so don't let it get you down. I've got friends older than me who are short and we're still friends." "Guy friends?" "Uh huh. Besides, if you're always gonna be short, there's nothin' you can do about it. Kinda like you were telling Tyler about his ..." "Dick size?" "Yeah." "Say it. Say 'dick' over and bikini model desktop over." "No. I can't." "C'mon. I wanna prove something to you." "Okay." Taylor took a deep breath and started saying 'dick' in almost a whisper until Ryan urged her to say it louder. She kept saying it until a smile formed, then you could see by the expression on her face that she realized how silly the word sounded when she repeated it so many times. Finally she started laughing. "See? After a while, once you get used to it, it becomes funny. It's like fear. If you can laugh shameless kid models at fear, you can overcome it." "Overcome what?" Tyler said as he returned. "Fear," Ryan said. "Taylor didn't want to say 'dick' so I made her say it teen models drawings until she got used to it." "Oh," Tyler said, embarrassed that he'd asked. "What are YOU afraid of?" Ryan asked. "Uh, nothing," Tyler said trying to avoid answering the question. "Sure you are. Everybody's afraid of something," Ryan said. "I don't want to know so I can scare you or make fun of you. I just want to get to know you two better. Last year I was afraid to get undress in gym class. Now I'm not afraid at all." "How come?" Tyler asked brightening at the comment. "A couple of weeks ago, Coach made me stand on a bench in the locker room naked and had the whole gym class walk by and look at me, especially my dick. Then he made all the other guys get naked--one at a time--and do the same thing. You know, one chemal models toplist guy on the bench at a time." "He didn't!" Tyler said, turning crimson as if from embarrassment, like he was thinking about being in the same naked situation. "Yeah, it was raining and we couldn't do anything outside, anyway. Then we got dressed and talked about how some guys were big and some were little, how some of us, including me, got a hard-on and others didn't." "Weren't you mortified!" Taylor asked. "At first, but Coach told me before we did it that he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me." "And you believed him?" Tyler asked. "Yeah. In fact, one guy made fun of ... how big I am and Coach explained to everybody that I had no control over it. Let me see your dick," Ryan said. "No, I couldn't," Tyler mumbled. "Your dad says you've started to get teen modelblog bigger," Ryan said. "Let's check it out now and then we'll check jap bikini models it out nn model little again in a month and see how things are goin', or in this case ... growin'," Ryan said with a giggle. "That's something the coach told me about, too. He said some guys are small to begin with, you know--walkin' around small--but they grow when ... well ... when there's a need to use it." "Yeah," Tyler said sullenly, "but model cleavage by then it's too embarrassing." "Coach says a hard-on should only be embarrassing if you're in mixed company, you know like ..." "Like, with your sister sitting right next to you." "At least SHE won't make fun of you like the guys at school. She probably went through something similar in girls' gym class." Then turning to Taylor, Ryan said, "Didn't you?" "Uh, yeah," Taylor said, at a loss for anything more to say. "So, whip it out. Let's take a look at that bad boy. That's the only way you're gonna get over your fear of people seeing you naked." "You said you were a nudist," Taylor ace models nn taunted, this time good- naturedly. "I'd go first, but if you saw mine, it might intimidate you," Ryan said with no humility whatsoever. Taylor picked up a slice brooke lee model of pizza, flipped it upside down and wiped it on Ryan's underpants. In retaliation, Ryan picked up some sauce on one finger and spread it on Taylor's blouse. Then, he peeled off some stringy cheese and flung it in Tyler's lap. "There, now we all have to take our clothes off," Ryan said. "It's the rules." Tyler looked like he was about to cry. "I'll tell you what," Ryan said. "On the count of three, we'll both take off our underpants." "I don't wanna," Tyler whined. "But young sexy childmodels first, your underwater model big sister is gonna show us her boobs. Just to prove there's nothing to be afraid of." Taylor, surprising the hell out of me, removed her blouse and bra without hesitation. Her perky tits formed miniature ski slopes and were just about the same brilliant white. The rosy nipples, as erect as pencil erasers, stood out prominently from the tips. "Nice!" Ryan said. "Can I touch one?" "No!" Taylor said. Then she started giggling. With one quick sidelong glance at her father, who appeared to be disinterested in what the kids were up to, she said, "You have to touch both." "Okay," Ryan said in that offhanded way he had of saying things. He reached out and caressed them, checking them for consistency, resilience, and heft. He rubbed the pad of his thumb over her nipples like he was spreading pre-cum over the head of a cock. Taylor moaned with pleasure. "C'mon," Ryan said, letting go and standing up. "Either you do it, or little swimsuit models she and I will do it for you." Tyler stood up. His briefs were distended, his face scarlet and he was trembling slightly. "One, two, THREE!" Ryan said. Both boys dropped their underpants at about the same time. Tyler might have been slightly slower but he did it, nonetheless. "Hey! You're doing good there, Tyler!" Ryan said. "That's about how big I was last year. You've got nothing to be ashamed of." Tyler's mood improved immediately. "Damn, brother! You're gonna be as big as ..." "As who?" Ryan asked. Taylor's eyes darted toward where her father was sitting. "You've seen your dad naked?" Ryan asked in disbelief. Taylor blushed. "You've seen Dad's thingy?" Tyler whispered. "Shh," Taylor said. "It was by mistake." "How many times?" Ryan asked. "Twice, maybe three times." "How?" Tyler asked excitedly. "When?" Ryan asked casually. "'Cuz I've seen MY dad naked LOTS of times." "Yeah, but you're a guy. Girls aren't supposed to see their dad's ... stuff." "How?" Tyler asked. "Why not?" Ryan asked. "I've seen Mom naked a couple of times." "Really? Does she know you've seen her?" Taylor asked. "Well, no. I don't think so." "How? Tyler asked, irritated at being ignored. With a look of disgust on her face for being hounded, Taylor said, "He was taking a nap before dinner and I went in to wake him up. His ... thing was sticking out of his underpants." "Hard?" Ryan asked. Taylor nodded her head 'yes.' Tyler was slack-jawed. "You said more than once," he accused. "I saw him peeing once and the other time, he was in the shower." "Was he jacking off?" Ryan asked. "No," Taylor said adamantly. Turning to Tyler, Ryan asked, "Do you jack off in the model sunn t shower? I mean, have you started jackin' off yet? I do. That's ONE of the places I do it." Turning to Taylor, Ryan asked, "Hey! Do girls jack-off, or something to, you know, get that special feeling. Do girls get special feelings?" "It's called orgasm. And yes we do. But we 13yo pantie models do ours differently." "Show me," Ryan said, eagerly, while he gently stroked his fat cock absentmindedly. "I can't." "Turn your back to 'em and show me. I'll put pizza on those white shorts of yours, if you don't." "Ryan!" Taylor whined. "Hey, your dad had you guys come over so you could learn more about uh, non-church things." "Yeah, but I don't think he meant masturbation." "Jason," Ryan shouted, "can we jack-off?" "Okay," Jason said as if it were an everyday occurrence to answer such a question. Taylor's eyes bugged out in disbelief. I could also see Tyler's hard-on beginning to thump of its own accord as he stared at Ryan stroking his own cock. "C'mon, Tyler, let's show her how guys do it. Do you like two fingers or a full hand? I like to pull on my nuts, too. They're really sensitive. Have you ever used hand lotion? It's awesome!" Tyler began a tentative stroking motion on his cock. It was probably four to four and a half inches boys models tgp long. I couldn't tell for sure. In the seated position, Ryan's looked short and fat but because Tyler's was slender, it looked almost as long as Ryan's. I felt my cock snake around inside the fishnet shorts. While Tyler 2009 supermodel calendar and Ryan stroked, Taylor scooted out of her shorts and panties. "It looks like you've done this before," Ryan said. "DeShawn could tell us," Tyler giggled. It sounded like he was getting a bc teen models little more comfortable being naked. "You're preeten models pics askin' for it," Taylor threatened. Then, without drawing attention to herself, Taylor began rubbing her clitoris with the tip of her middle finger. In a whisper, she said, "This is how girls have to do it." Once again, the resourceful Ryan had them positioned in modeltopsites front of the fireplace so the glass fire doors reflected--as well as a mirror-- Taylor's image back to our end of the room. "I thought you had to push your finger in and out," Ryan said. "Yeah," Tyler said, pretending he was more worldly than he was, "in and out." "You CAN, but this," Taylor said, pulling her pussy lips apart to show them her clit, "is what gives us the most, umm ..." "Stimulation?" Ryan asked. "Yeah, I guess." "Kinda like a guy's prostate, huh?" Ryan asked Taylor. "I guess so. I don't know much about that." "It's up in a guy's butt and, if you touch it just right, we can cum without jackin' off." "Up our butts?" Tyler said incredulously. "Yeah. Mine's real sensitive." "How do you know?" Tyler asked. "Uh," Ryan looked in my direction and saw none of us were paying attention to them. At least that's the impression we gave them. "I've had some help." "I wish I had someone to help me learn all this stuff," Tyler said. "Sometimes, I think being the youngest sucks 'cuz alex model pics nobody tells you ANYthing." "Speaking of sucks, have you ever had a blowjob, Tyler?" Tyler just about fainted from holding his breath before he said quietly, "Jeeze, no." "It's the most awesome feeling. There's only one thing better and that's fuckin'." "Want me to show you?" Ryan asked. "You're not gonna fuck me!" Tyler said adamantly. "No, I meant, give ya a blowjob. Don't panic, I tinymodel non nude ain't gonna fuck ya till you beg me." Then Ryan snickered. "You wouldn't!" Taylor said. "Wouldn't what?" Ryan asked. "Blow him. That would be queer!" "So? We're just kids, experimenting. It happens all the time. It's just that no sexy child supermodels one ever admits to it because adults make such a big deal of it. preten models forum Have you ever blown DeShawn?" "No," Taylor said non-too-convincingly to my practiced ear. "I've done it a couple of times," Ryan said. "It's not too bad once you've done it once or twice. Of course, it's not for everyone." "It's not for me," Tyler said. "How do you know until you try?" "I couldn't put a peter in my mouth." "I teenie models raped meant receiving a blowjob. I'll tell you what. I can do you when we go swimming." "We can't go swimming," Taylor groaned. "We gotta wait an hour but then we can," Ryan said. "It'll be too late." "Too late for what? You about to cum?" Ryan asked. "Let me see." "No, it'll be too late at night. It's almost ... nine-thirty. That'll make it ten-thirty." "So? We don't have to get up early for anything. We can swim till dawn if we want to. That's what freedom of choice is all about." "But we don't have any swimsuits," Tyler said. "We don't need 'em." "Huh?" Tyler asked, not understanding. "We'll go like this!" Ryan said, reaching over and touching Tyler's scrotum, "Balls naked." "Tit's naked," Taylor said. "Pussy naked," Tyler giggled. Taylor laughed at the way her brother just about choked on the word 'pussy.' "Your dad won't mind?" "Hell, no! In fact, he say EVERYone should modelos masculinos desnudos have to swim nekkid," Ryan said. "Why's that?" Taylor asked. "'Cuz then you can see which ones are peeing in the female latina models pool." Tyler giggled so hard he fell over, legs spread adult model teen wide, gripping his sides. It wasn't that funny, so I guessed it was a burst of nervous laughter. From my vantage point at the other end of the room, his tiny white butt cheeks had round rosy spots where he'd been sitting on the hearth tiles for so long. As his cock flopped back, it also looked like he was going to end up with a healthy handful of happiness between his legs when he grew up. His skin was an antique burnished bronze but his dick and balls chils models were almost coal black from some distant Negroid or Hispanic gene. 'It looks delectable at his age' I thought. 'I can only imagine what it'll taste like when he's older.' After the pizza was consumed, the kids stayed down by the fireplace talking and occasionally giggling. A little while later Ryan whined, "Daddy, can we go swimming?" "Has it been an hour?" "Almost." "Sit on the pool steps for ten minutes first. Let your bodies acclimate." "Five." "Eight." "Six. Thanks, Daddy," Ryan said effectively ending the argument. "Let's go." As the three naked youths bounded out the slider to the deck, Lyle said, "Let's give 'em a few minutes and then we'll join 'em." "In the meantime, anyone up for a handjob?" I asked. "Blowjob, maybe. A handjob I can get at home," Jason said. I got on my knees and pulled Jason's cock out the leg opening of the black see-through briefs. I slurped the floppy tube in my mouth and started sucking on it. "What if the kids come back in for something?" Jason asked apprehensively. "Ryan's the only one who'll come back in. But if I know HIM, he's got you two occupied with something wicked and wonderful," Lyle said. "Stand over here and I'll blow YOU while Dick's blowing me," Jason said to Lyle. Lyle got up and stood nearby, his back to the sliders. He stretched the elastic waistband of his silk boxer briefs beneath his ballsack and Jason sucked Lyle's cock deep into his throat. I took a moment to jack Jason's cock for a stroke or two to keep him hard while I evaluated Jason's hot cocksucking action. When I began sucking Jason again, he twisted paula palmer model around in his seat a little so he could suck Lyle at a little better angle. "Oh shit!" Lyle said, as Tyler bounded in the room. "Gotta pee," Tyler said. I looked over and saw Tyler standing stock-still, looking at the three of us. His eyes were huge as he watched his father's mouth slowly retreat off Lyle's nine-inch hard-on. "You know where it is," Jason said casually before slowly sucking Lyle down to the pubic hair. I had a fairly good idea that Jason was being so nonchalant because he didn't want to send the wrong message to Tyler. He didn't want his son to think young future models he'd caught his father doing something evil or disgusting, like Tyler's mother was trying to teach him. Tyler's jaw rode low, close to his chest and he still hadn't blinked as he looked from his father's cocksucking mouth over to his father's erection. I stroked it in a slow, gentle jacking motion so Tyler could get a clear view of his dad's proud seven-plus inches. I thought, 'I hope the boy takes a breath soon or he's gonna pass out!' Jason pulled off Lyle's cock again and said, "Go pee, we'll talk when you get back." Tyler vlad models nude responded to his father's voice and after a slight hesitation, trotted off to the bathroom. Once I heard the door close, I said, "I hope he can pee with a hard-on, 'cuz he was starting to bone up watching you." "He'll figure something out--even if he has to jack-off first." "You think he jacks off?" "That's what I hope we'll find out from Ryan," Jason said. "Want us to get dressed?" Lyle asked. "It's a little late for that, he's already seen us. Besides, if we covered up now, he'd think we were doing something bad. I don't want to undo what Ryan's already accomplished." "I'm coming out," Tyler said. "It's okay, son," Jason said. "Can you come over here for a minute?" Tyler walked over with uncertain steps, hands in front of his crotch. "Don't be bashful, son. That's why I brought you over here today." "I know," Tyler whined "but ..." Jason didn't pressure his son to finish his sentence until Tyler was ready. "... I'm so little." He looked directly at his dad's seven-plus, then at Lyle's nine inches. Since I was still kneeling in front of Jason, my hard-on was foreshortened when Tyler looked down at it. I stood up and his eyes widened when he saw almost eleven inches staring him bikini tube models in the face. "Not everyone is as blessed as the three of us," I said, "but the real issue here is that you're still growing." "That, and what you saw when you came in," Jason said. "I'm sorry," Tyler said, lowering his gaze to the floor. "Don't be," Jason said reassuringly. "If we didn't want you to see, we'd have gone upstairs." "Really?" Tyler asked in disbelief. "Well ..." Jason said, sitting forward in his chair and extending one arm to Tyler. His son came closer and Jason wrapped his arm around Tyler's waist, hugging him to his left side. "... we had planned to go outside with you kids but these got in the way." Jason used his thumb to press down on his hard-on and then release it so it snapped against his belly. "We thought Ryan could help you get more comfortable about all this before you, uh ... " Lyle said. "Before you actually ..." I said before I realized I didn't have a defense. "Tyler, I want you to feel like you can talk to me about what you just witnessed. Understand?" Jason said. "Uh huh ..." "You want to talk in here or go out by the pool?" "Uh ..." "I'll tell you what. Let's start by you showing the three big guys your dick. Then, when you feel more comfortable, we'll go outside." "I can't," Tyler said. "Have you got a stiffy?" Jason asked in a friendly tone. Tyler model little y.o nodded his head 'yes.' "So do we," Lyle said, wagging his cock side-to-side by swaying his hips. Tyler smiled at the seductive display. "And we're not ashamed of having a hard-on," I said. Seeing I had Tyler's attention, I flexed my ass muscles so my cock jumped preeten models legal up and down a little, like a beckoning finger. "Hard-ons are cool," Jason said, watching what I bottom up models was doing. "Among friends," I said. "Tyler, I want you to think about this before you answer, then I want an HONEST answer. Okay?" "K." "Are you more embarrassed because we're naked or because your mom says it's wrong?" When he didn't answer, I knelt down and asked, "Tyler, child modells would you feel better if we all got dressed?" "No," Tyler said. "Do YOU want to get dressed?" I asked. "No." Dropping his hands to hang beside his hips he said, "See, it's tiny." "You're growing just fine, son," Jason said. He bikini model screensavers reached out to cup Lyle's half-hard cock in the palm of his hand. "See how big his is?" "Yeah," Tyler said. "Well, Ryan looks like he's going to inherit HIS size from Lyle." Moving his hand from Lyle's cock to his own, Jason said, "Now, see this?" Tyler looked down past his own hard-on to see his father gripping his seven-incher. "Mine's smaller than Lyle's, so yours probably will be, too, but there's a good chance you're gonna grow some more." Looking at Lyle, Tyler said, "Does your daddy have a big one, too?" "I don't know. I've never seen it. Not that I can remember." "Really? How come?" "Back when I was growing up, people didn't talk about sex or look at each other teen girl models naked as much model babies as they muscle male model do now." "How come?" "It was just a different time. People are more kiddy naked model open-minded now." "Mom's chubby latina models not. She'd tan my hide if she found out I was naked." "She better not ... not without checking with me first," Jason said. "We're gonna make some rules here tonight. Rules you and Taylor can live with, that the two of you are gonna help create." "Whaddya mean?" "Let's go out by the pool. Taylor needs to hear this, too." We all walked out naked--and hard. "All right!" Ryan yelled when he looked in our direction. "Look at that, Taylor. I told ya he was hangin' with the big dawgs!" Gripping Tyler's shoulders from behind and looking over his left shoulder at Ryan and Taylor, I said, "Does this look like he's hangin? I'm here to tell you he's standin' proud with the big boys." "With good reason!" Ryan said. Taylor in the meantime slipped another step deeper into the water like it would help cover her nakedness from her dad. atlanta craigslist model Even so, she was looking at Lyle's, Tyler's and her dad's hard-ons like a kid in the candy store trying to decide which flavor would taste best. My eleven- inch erection was behind her brother and out of view. "Tyler's concerned that the two of you will get in trouble with Mommy," Jason said, taking a seat at the edge of the pool with just his feet only ankle deep in the water, on the top step . His knees were spread so Ryan and Taylor, less than an arms length away, could easily inspect his erection at their leisure. "We will when she finds out," Taylor said. "Not any more," Jason said. "We're gonna make some rules for you two--now that you're starting to mature." "Like what?" Taylor asked, having a difficult time not staring at her glenfield model 30 dad's erection. Lyle and I sat along the edge of the pool with Tyler between us, our feet dangling in the water." "You two are going to be given a little more freedom." "Within reason," Lyle said. nude lola model "Not as much as Ryan but more than you have now." "Like, that's none at all!" Taylor said sullenly. "Just like Ryan, you're gonna have to earn each level of freedom. If you fuck up, you get demerits." Taylor's eyes widened when Jason said 'fuck up' like she'd never heard her father cuss. "If you get too many demerits, then you get grounded." "How many?" Taylor asked. "You and Tyler will decide that tonight." "And angie actress model tomorrow," I added. "We'll work on this all weekend if we have to." "Really?" Taylor asked in disbelief. "But before we do that, I need to know if teens models fotos you two are comfortable being naked in front of me ... and these guys?" "Sure," Ryan said. "Uh, yeah," Taylor said, in a tone that implied that she wasn't quite sure. "Are you comfortable with your DAD being naked in front of YOU?" I asked. "Yeah," Tyler said with unexpected confidence. "I think it's neat. There's nothing wrong with it. I think Mom's wrong about nudity being bad." "Not wrong," Jason said. "Just disillusioned. Nudity isn't right or wrong ... or it shouldn't be. It should be a decision ... bikini model kid a preference." "So, if we want to go around naked at home, you're saying Mom's gonna have to go along with it?" Taylor asked. "That's what we're gonna work on this weekend. But first korean model gallery you have to convince me it's something you want to do." "How do we do that?" Taylor asked. "Well, hiding down there in the pool is telling me you're not ready for all this" "I'm not hiding," Tyler said proudly. "It's not like mature german models we're gonna ask you country latinas models to touch each other or anything," Lyle said. "Not so fast," I said. "There's a technique I learned at ... my previous employment ... that might just help." "What's that?" "It's called 'Trust' but it involves touching." "You guys okay with touching?" Ryan asked looking first at Taylor and then at Tyler. "Yeah," Taylor said. "Sure," Tyler said at the same time. "Let's all get out of the pool," dasha vlad model I said, standing up. "Then, since we've all gone soft ..." "Not me," Ryan said, standing up to display his hard-on. "Think you can go soft for a few minutes?" I asked. "Not with all this swinging meat on russia models movies display." "Then close your eyes." "Awh ..." "It's part of the exercise I plan to do." "Oh, okay," Ryan said closing his eyes. "It's very important that you keep your eyes closed," I said. "K." "Taylor, go stand behind Ryan" Once she was in place, I said, "Ryan, when I say 'go,' I want you to pretend to be a statue and fall backward. Don't bend your knees or your waist. Stay ramrod stiff." "You just told me to lose my stiffy, Uncle Dickey. Make up your mind," Ryan giggled. Being the daredevil that he is, Ryan didn't even ask model xxx why or how he was going to keep from being hurt. "Taylor, when he starts to fall backward, you have to catch him. Can you do that?" "Sure." "He won't be too heavy?" "No." "I phoebe teen model want you to let him fall as far as you can before you catch him. That's why it's called 'Trust.' childmodels pics He has to trust that you won't let him hit his head. But the farther he falls, the heavier he's gonna feel when you catch him so, if you can't hold him, protect his head, no matter what." "I understand," Taylor said. "Ryan, when you fall, swing your arms out to form a cross so Taylor can catch you under the armpits. On your mark, get set ... go!" Ryan fell without hesitation. 'That boy's all balls,' I thought, '... except the part of him that's heart.' I caught my breath just as Taylor caught Ryan. "How was that, Ryan?" "Awesome," Ryan said, "I thought I was falling forever!" "I thought so, too," I said. "Me next," Tyler said. "That looks like fun," Jason said. "You can go after Tyler," I yong toples models said. "Ryan, you think you can catch Tyler? He's taller than you, but he doesn't weight any more than you." "Sure." After they got in place, I said, "Ready, set ... go!" Tyler fell like a guillotine blade but Ryan caught him. Ryan had to take a step back and bend his knees a little but he caught him. The back autoart scale models of Tyler's head ended up in Ryan's crotch as Ryan eased himself down to his knees. Looking up into Ryan's face, Tyler smiled--an upside-down smile to Ryan--and said, "Thanks, dude." Lyle caught Jason next and then I had them move into place for the next exercise. "I'm going to place your hands on different people and you have to guess who they are. In order to do that, I'll have to move you around with your eyes closed. So, everyone will have to trust me for this exercise." I had them hold hands and form a circle before bringing Taylor into the center. "I don't want anyone to tell expression facial model her if she's right or wrong. Okay, eyes closed." Then I spun Taylor around three times, placed her hand on Ryan's left nipple and said, "Who's this?" "Ryan." "I spun her again, then I raised Jason's left arm and placed her hand in his armpit. After a long thoughtful hesitation, Taylor asked, "Daddy?" "You're doing fine, Taylor." I spun her again and placed her hand photo gallery model on Tyler's partially soft two-and-a-half-inch cock. "Ryan again?" Taylor asked. Tyler smiled the proudest I'd ever seen him smile. I thought, 'It's true, when bear model godzilla you're touching a cock blindfolded or in total darkness, it quite often feels larger than it really is.' I spun her again and I backed into Taylor's vacated spot before placing my dick in her hand. As her hand quivered around my cock and she felt it for length and girth she got a quizzical look on her face. "Lyle?" After putting Taylor back in her spot, I said, "Okay, I'm gralex model 32 gonna have this next player whisper his answers to me. As another form of trust, you're gonna have to believe me when I tell you how many he got right. This time, however, EVERYbody has to close their eyes." I took Tyler first and ran him through a similar series. I had him touch Lyle's chest, Taylor's butt cheek, Ryan's armpit and, moving Jason's cock out of the way, I had Tyler cup his dad's balls. He guessed all four correctly before I put him back in his original spot. "Okay, the rest of you, on the count of three, yell out who you think was touching you." I didn't bother to tell them that, for this exercise, I didn't care if their young models online guess was right or not. So long alexandra model com as they preeten models felt okay with someone--anyone--touching them, we were making progress. Because Ryan had touched Lyle and me many times, I concentrated his attention on Jason's cock, Tyler's balls, Taylor's pussy lips lollita russian models and Lyle's cock. Some might consider that cheating but the idea was to get the new comers used to being touched in their "private" places. As far as I was concerned, getting to feel up his dad's cock for as long as he wanted was just a small thank-you gesture for Ryan being so considerate of Tyler's feelings. "Call out your guesses," I said. After moving Ryan back in place, I btm teen models tapped Jason and Lyle on their shoulders and whispered for them to open their eyes. I waved the upturned palm of my right hand at the three youths. Then I silently counted one, two, three, while holding up one finger, two fingers blond male models and then three fingers. "Is anyone having second thoughts about the game?" I names model asked. There was a resounding 'no' from all of them, including the adults. "Okay, here's a new player. Get ready." Actually it was going to be two at once but the kids didn't know that. Jason teen model destiny knelt in front of Taylor while I directed Lyle behind her. Pointing to Jason, I held binaries models pics up both hands to indicate to him that he should use both hands--one on Taylor and the other on the boy of his choosing--Ryan or Tyler. Pointing to Lyle, I pointed to my left hand and held up one finger. He nodded that he understood he should only use one hand. He nodded his understanding. With my fingers I counted out one, two ... three. Jason touched Taylor's pussy with his right hand and Ryan's cock with topless model teens his fms models left, leaving Tyler's butt cheek for Lyle. I saw Tyler lift off his heels as Lyle ran a finger through the cleft of his ass cheek. Taylor shivered as a stranger--she didn't know it was her father-- dragged his middle finger up through her cunt lips. "Okay, next." This gave Jason a choice and he decided to switch hands to cup Taylor's left breast and Tyler's cock, which was beginning to harden. Jason, using a thumb on the bottom and two fingers on top of his son's cock, started jacking him off. Lyle, in the meantime, leaned over slightly, cupped Ryan's left butt cheek and fondled it. When I saw Tyler was completely hard, I said, "Okay, next." This time, Jason sucked Ryan into his mouth. Nothing new, since he'd given Ryan a blowjob at work the day I took him there for Take-A- Kid-To-Work Day. Lyle, seeing what was going on, quietly came around front, ducked his head down and slurped his tongue along Taylor's pussy. Since Tyler was odd man out, 13 teen models I decided to kneel down and suck his cock for a second or two. As Taylor and Ryan started moaning, Tyler gripped my head in both hands and shuddered through a dry orgasm. I stayed down on him even after he released my head. Looking up at his face, I saw his eyes were wide open, prepubescent model watching Lyle lick his sister's pussy and his dad sucking Ryan's cock. When his legs began to tremble from my oral massage, I let his cock slip from my mouth. I looked over my shoulder to see the other two still had their eyes closed. From the way Taylor's were scrunched up, I got the impression Lyle was flicking her clitoris with his tongue. I raised my index finger to my lips. Then I ran my flattened hand down my face to indicate he should close his eyes. "Okay, next." This time, I directed Lyle over to Ryan and Jason over to Tyler. I made an O with my fist, jerked it back and forth in front of my ovaled mouth. While each father sucked their son, I muff-dived Taylor, sticking my tongue in as far as I could. Although it wasn't my favorite activity, I enjoyed the freshness of a virgin. When I heard Tyler groan again, I looked over at him and he was cumming again. It was dry, I'm sure, but it was an orgasm. 'Ah, the recovery time of youth is phenomenal' I young lollita models thought. Luckily, his eyes were closed but I'm not sure he didn't peek to see who was blowing him. "Okay, everybody, keep your eyes closed just a little longer." I got Lyle and Jason back in their places and said, "Open your eyes." I looked around the group. models nude 14yo Ryan was still hard. Taylor's nipples Photo model bondage were nice teen model hard, Tyler's dick was jerking involuntarily from all the unaccustomed attention it got, Lyle and Jason were hard and, when I looked down, so was I. "Everyone feeling okay?" "Yeah," everyone said. I looked at teen model peaches Tyler to see if his answer was sincere before I asked, "So, we're all feeling a little more open-minded?" "Yeah." I stepped over to Ryan and wiped the pre-cum drop off his cockhead. Turning to Tyler I asked, "Have you ever tasted it?" Tyler blushed. "Yeah," Ryan said. "Everybody tastes there own, don't russia kiddie models they?" "Yeah," Everyone else said. "You want it?" When Tyler didn't answer, Jason said, "Go ahead, son, if you want to. Say no if you don't." Tyler nodded his head 'yes.' I walked over and let him lick it off my finger. "Since it's getting late, I want you kids to think about how you felt with all this going on and then tomorrow, we'll talk about it and maybe experiment some more." "Yea!" the kids said simultaneously. "Who wants to sleep with whom and then we'll decide where?" "We can all sleep in the family room," Ryan said. "No," Lyle said. "I'm sleeping on a mattress. Carpet-covered concrete is NOT an option." "I'll second that," I said. "C'mon," Ryan said. We followed him up to his bedroom. "Let's move my mattress into Daddy's room. Then we can all be in the same room." Lyle nodded his head in agreement. After Ryan stripped off the sheets, Jason and I wrestled the mattress down the hall. Once in place, there was a model naturist photographs good-natured argument over who was going to sleep up in the bed with Lyle. Since there was still plenty of floor space in the master bedroom, I suggested pulling Lyle's mattress down on the floor, too. To brazil models nude deter any future arguments, I said, "Ryan, give me a number." "Sixty-nine." I smiled, knowing I could always count young toples model on him for that answer. "Taylor?" "Um, eighteen." Lyle, Jason and Tyler each gave me a number. "Okay, Lyle, yours was twelve, so you lay down next to the left edge. Taylor, you're next to him, Jason next to her, Tyler next to your dad and top future models then Ryan." "What about you?" Ryan asked. "My number was seventy-seven." "Oh, yeah," Ryan said, remembering a joke he'd told me when we first met. Then turning to his two guests he said, "You know why 77 is better than 69? Because with 77 you get eight more. Get it? ATE more ... A-T-E. It's a play on words." "We get it," I said as we all got in position and laid down on the dailymotion hot models side-by-side mattresses before I turned off the light. A tiny plug-in night light came on casting its soft seven-watt glow across the room. During the next few minutes, there was a lot of tossing, turning and jockeying for position. "Okay, this is what we're gonna do," I said. "We're all gonna jack off so we can get some sleep." "Masturbate," Ryan said. "Taylor can't jack off, so it's masturbate." "I stand corrected," I said. "Everybody okay with that?" "Uh huh" and "yeah" filled the room. I rolled onto my right side and started jacking off with my left hand. It was like I had a new lover, because I usually use my right hand. Looking over the group, I saw Lyle had his nine-inch cock pointed at the ceiling as he long stroked it with his whole hand. Taylor was strumming her clit with one finger and running another along her pussy lips. Jason was using the thumb and two-finger method he had used on his son earlier. Tyler mimicked his dad's two-finger approach. Ryan was using the flat palm technique where you just caress your cum tube, then move up across the head and down the top side, then around and start all over again. "If anybody needs any help ..." Ryan said. "No," I said, "tonight is just to get comfortable doing this in front of each other." Although Ryan glared at me, I think he understood how valuable it would be for Taylor and Tyler. I saw Taylor's eyes stare first at Lyle's cock and then her dad's as she continued to work her finger back and forth across her clit like a musician works a bow across the strings of his violin. Tyler too, was trying to look at the others. Although he looked at Ryan once or twice, his focus was torn between my own big dick and his dad's. "Ryan, you want to start us off?" I asked, knowing he could pop a load almost on demand. "Fuck, yeah! Gimme a second." Shortly after Ryan said, "Here it cums," all heads looked in his direction. Cum splattered everywhere, which was unusual for Ryan. Every other time I'd watched him cum, he'd shot straight up his body. This time, for some reason, it was like his body was wracked with palsy because it splashed onto Tyler and me. When the warm cum touched Tyler, he stiffened up like rigor mortis had set in and had an orgasm for the third time in less than an hour. His toes were curled so tight, they were white from the lack of blood. With a shudder, he relaxed and let out a long sensual sigh. Jason and Lyle came within moments of each other. Watching the two geysers on either side of her spurt, Taylor collapsed into orgasm, twitching roxy teenmodel all over. That left me to finish off the night. The sight of five orgasms and because my left hand was so foreign to me I came easily. The power behind it was tremendous and I shot so far my cum landed on Ryan, Tyler and Jason before I was done. "Awesome, Uncle Dickey! Did you guys see that?" "See it!" Jason said, "I FELT it!" He scooped some of my cum off his thigh and lifted it to his mouth. Taylor reached over, swiped some of my jism off her dad's thigh and tasted it. Then she scooped some of her dad's juice out of the puddle on his belly and tasted it, too. Tyler seeing his sister do it, scooped up some of mine off his leg and tasted it. Then he tasted some of Ryan's. Turning to me, Tyler said, "I've decided on a nickname." "What's that?" I asked. Then turning to Jason, I said, "His mom has told him not to say the word dick." "Spunk Hunk, because of all the jism you shoot," Tyler said, giggling uncontrollably. I think the giggles were because he was nervous about whether I would accept his choice of a nickname or not. "I'm not sure Mom would like to hear that we're gonna go visit Spunk Hunk," Taylor said. "Oh, yeah," Tyler said disheartened. Seeing how sad Tyler was, Ryan said, "Hey, how about you guys call him Spunky. We'll know you really mean Spunk Hunk lingerie models teen but you can tell your mom you call him Spunky because, uh ... he's rambunctious all the time." "Yeah!" Tyler said. "That can be my nickname for you." "Mine, too," Taylor said defensively. Tyler looked at her as if she were trying to horn in on his territory but smiled and said, "Okay. We'll share it." "It'll be easier to explain than the name I was gonna start calling him," Taylor said. "What's that?" Tyler asked. "Gargantua. jenny model lesbian How would we explain THAT to Mom?" "Spunky will do nicely," I said, hoping they wouldn't consider the alternative name. "As the host," Ryan said, "I really should clean everybody up." Then he wagged his tongue. I could see Tyler's eyes were getting droopy. "No, not tonight," I said. "Or we'll never get to sleep." We all laid quietly for a minute before I warned, "If everybody's not in their assigned positions when I wake up in the morning ... I'm gonna child modelsnude have to think of some very stern punishment." Then remembering, I said, "Tyler, you know where the bathroom is, right?" "Yeah." "You can get up in the night if you want." "K," he said sleepily.To be continued. Thanks for coming back for more. If you liked this story, please consider checking out other stories written by me (under pseudonyms) at www.a2zestful.com. Earlier, I black muscle models mentioned the site was closing down. I have been convinced to keep it open a little longer. The stories on that site include military, voyeuristic, adult/youth, and tales of the paranormal, to mention a few. Thanks and keep in touch with me at zestfulmyexcel.com
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